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The camp itself is split into 2 parts- levelZero and levelOne.
levelZero is the freely available component which teaches the fundamentals of web development through YouTube live sessions. It consists of 9 exercises and only upon completion can one apply for the next level.

Coding can be quite scary if you’re new to it, but if you avoid a few pitfalls and follow some good practices, the process of learning can be much faster!

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My first brush with programming was all the way back in school when I first worked with Java. It was love at first error!
But over time, my interest in code dropped as I progressed through my higher education and there came a point when it started scaring me! Even the…

How can writing good commit messages make your work better?

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Git is a boon for collaborative work. It allows multiple contributors to work simultaneously on a single project and also allows for any changes to be tracked and reversed. …

Ankit Nag

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